Bespoke Floors are made by hand, one at a time, and are inherently highly customizable. The woods in this collection can be selected asis, off the shelf, or can be considered starting points for you to tailor your floor to your space.

You may change the color, surface texture, gloss level, grade and cut, etc, to make these floors truly your own.

Bespoke floors are made using only the most sustainably harvested domestic American hardwoods, and are made by hand in the USA.


LV Wood has represented Patina Wood floors throughout the eastern United States for over 15 years.

In that time we have worked to develop and refine colors and styles that have lasted through fads and trends a plenty. The styles represented in this line are quite simply here to stay.

Refined, elegant, rustic, and modern, Patina covers it all, but perhaps the best term to describe these woods, is timeless.

Like our Bespoke products, all Patina products are made by hand in the USA.


LV Reclaimed woods are salvaged from turn of the century (and older) buildings throughout the country, primarily in the south.

The old structures these woods are taken from can not be simply demolished and the wood pieces picked out of the rubble. They must be surgically deconstructed piece by piece, to preserve the resource until it reaches our mills.

After removing foreign elements such as nails, screws and bolts, these ancient and abandoned American timbers find a new life as we remill them into flooring, walls, ceilings.


Hakwood is a Dutch product that we bring in from over the pond. Founded in 1903, Hakwood has been at it for over 110 years.

Located 30 minutes from the port of Rotterdam, Hakwood has easy access to sustainable European Oak resources from all over Europe. Hakwood uses an all natural oil finish which is cured by powerful ultraviolet lights. This yields a finish that is very durable and resistant to stains, unlike traditional oil finishes.

Don’t be fooled by clever European names and marketing, Hakwood is the only European / French Oak producer in the US market who truly makes their product in Europe.

Hakwood is 100% made in Holland and no foreign components are used in its construction.


The live sawn cut on this material produces a beautiful mixed grain. The tannin content of the European Oak reacts beautifully to our custom staining process, yielding colors that simply are not possible to attain on American Oak.

Our Euro Oak line is produced using a sturdy ¾” thick engineered platform with an extra thick top layer of European White Oak. This material, made 100% in Poland, is imported in its raw state, then stained and finished here in USA.


Our Heritage collection represents a back to basics approach to simple, natural North American hardwoods.

Our aim with this line is to raise the bar on the standard American hardwood offering by utilizing extremely selective grading, exceptional lengths and widths, and advanced environmentally friendly finishing products.

LV’s Heritage Hardwoods are sustainably harvested, milled, and finished 100% in the USA.